Tradesman Bull Bar T15 Steel Black PC 50mm Outer Tube

SKU 070SB15B32G


If you’re looking for a robust bull bar that represents excellent value, then a TJM Tradesman bull bar is a top choice for your Holden Rodeo 02/2003 – 11/2006 (non winch). This TJM Tradesman bull bar is ready to work for you with dual aerial mounts and mounting points for installing large driving lights. Please note this is a non-winch bull bar. A 63.5mm centre tube and 50mm outer tubes provide strength and protection for your vehicle’s drive lights and headlights. TJM’s Tradesman steel bull bar is one of the premium products available in our frontal protection range. This design is signified by a strong centre loop, accompanied by two refined side loops protecting the headlights.


Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 0.62 × 1.84 × 0.56 cm