Torqit Power Module Common Rail



The Torqit Power Module is a performance chip that plugs into the rail of a vehicle. It safely unleashes power, torque and fuel efficiency that is lost through factory programming in the vehicles on board computer. The unit alleviates stress from the vehicle, allowing it to perform to its maximum ability and provides a smoother driving experience. The Power Module for the Ford Ranger works by adjusting the vehicles fuel rail pressure, increasing torque and peak power out put. Increased fuel rail pressure allows for improved atomisation from each injector. The improved air to fuel ratio ultimately enhances combustion, creating more power for your vehicle. This unit can be used as a hardwired or a Bluetooth controlled module. The best part is you are not required to choose which one you would like. Once the Power Module is installed on a vehicle it is automatically set to the highest performance mode. To alter the tune, simply download Torqit?s Connect app and follow installation.


Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 0.32 cm