Oricom UHF Compact Radio w/ Antenna Pack



The Oricom UHF390 is a 5 Watt CB Radio with a Controller Speaker Microphone. It is designed to save space in the vehicle making it easy to install and to be incredibly easy to use. As a result of the all of having the radio?s controls in the microphone, you no longer need to find and install the head unit in a visible space.The head unit is a super compact rugged micro size transceiver and the Heavy duty controller speaker microphone fits in your hand beautifully. It has exceptional sound quality and volume due to the integrated speaker in the controller mic and a speaker inside the head unit. In addition to having a speaker in the main transceiver box, it is a speaker microphone so you can always hear what?s being said super loud and clearly. To make it even better, it has Automatic Level Control (ALC) for consistent audio levels. Due to the ability to change the screen colour to either Amber, Red or Green, it can match your dash colours which gives it the OEM look.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 0.62 × 0.21 × 0.07 cm